Fundraising Support For Incubated Startups

360° assistance for raising capital - training sessions, mentoring support, tools & templates, and investment banking services. All on FundEnable for Incubators.

FundEnable has helped our cohort in getting a holistic perspective on capital raising. Modules such as valuation, deal structuring, and termsheet play a very critical role in making first-time entrepreneurs funding ready. The mentoring sessions taken by FundEnable experts helped founders with their queries around funding and made them better prepared to reach out to investors.

- iTIC Foundation, Incubator at IIT Hyderabad, A FundEnable Licensee

FundEnable for Incubators

Incubators provide coworking space, mentoring, tech support through labs and many other services to the startups. One expectation that founders have from the incubation centre is - Access To Capital. For Founders, this is the most important value addition provided by the incubator. FundEnable take away this pain point of incubation managers. It is a blended platform with a comprehensive suite of offerings to help incubators provide fundraising assistance to their incubated startups. With FundEnable, incubators can assist their startups holistically in their fundraising endeavors.

Mastering technicalities of fundraising

12+ on-demand courses for understanding valuation, different deal structures, cap tables, termsheet, due diligence, & more

Tools & templates to accelerate the fundraising process

20+ DIY resources such as financial model template, sample termsheet, cap table calculator, etc to help entrepreneurs prepare for  their funding round

Live training & mentoring sessions

High-impact training sessions on various aspects of fundraising, 1-on-1 & group mentoring sessions for your incubated startups

Investment banking support for incubated startups

End-to-end deal closure assistance which includes business plan preparation, procuring valuation report, negotiating termsheet, legal & compliance, etc 

Empower Incubated Startups With The Best Fundraising Resources

With FundEnable's annual license, you can provide your incubated startups all the necessary resources for successfully raising a round of capital. All of the FundEnable resources are designed & created by investment bankers and professionals such as lawyers, chartered accountants, etc who have extensive experience in capital raising. 

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12 on-demand courses

  • Becoming Funding Ready
  • Investor Presentation & Pitching
  • Building A Financial Model
  • Startup Financing Pathways
  • Cap Tables & Shareholding Structures
  • Understanding Startup Valuations
  • Investment Deal Structures
  • Termsheet & SHA
  • Due Diligence
  • Exit Strategies
  • Exploring Crowdfunding
  • Incubator Support For Startup Growth

20+ tools & templates

  • The Funding Matrix
  • Pitch Deck Templates
  • Pitch Deck Samples
  • Financial Model Templates
  • Financial Model Samples
  • Investor Identification Matrix
  • Cap Table Calculator
  • Sample Termsheet
  • Sector Multiples for Valuation
  • Recent Funding Data of Startups
  • Legal Due Diligence Checklist
  • Financial Due Diligence Checklist
  • Due Diligence Data Room Structure
  • Incubation Application Template
  • Incubator Identification Matrix

Live training sessions 

We conduct live webinars twice a month for incubated startups on fundraising topics requested by partner incubators.

Mentoring sessions 

We provide credits to partner incubators allowing incubated startups to avail 1-on-1 or group mentoring with FundEnable experts to tackle startup-specific fundraising challenges.

Investment Banking 

We provide investment banking assistance to incubated startups for deal closure. The fees are determined as per the scope of work.

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