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Patents are exclusive rights conferred by the Government to the inventors of any unique, novel invention, thereby preventing the invention from exploitation by others. In startups and established companies, patents may act as a spectacle of the organization’s capability that may be useful for raising funds, increasing the company’s market value and finding potential business partnerships. Patent support is inclusive of the following.

Prior Art Search

An extensive search on the existing global patent database to determine whether the invention is novel or the subject matter is patentable

Patent Application

Provisional & complete patent application to include title, background, summary/object, description,  explanation of drawings, patent claims, abstract of the disclosure, and sequence listing, if any

Scrutinization by examiner

Upon the event of examination and issuance of the examination report, our lawyers will identify the gap, analyze the problem and help draft a response to the examination report

Grant of Patent

Maintenance of patent portfolio, patent litigation, advice on legal matters related to IP, and other types of IP services that are needed for the individual assignment is charged separately


Trademark registration enables owners to easily establish their right to the trademark in court and earn royalties. It also deters piracy and prevents similar company names from being registered by other businesses. You can conduct a trademark search, to check if your brand name clashes with existing trademarks. In India, you could get a ™ within three days, but it takes up to two years for it to be registered so that you can use the ® symbol.

Details Required For Trademark Registration

  • The Name of the Brand / Slogan 
  • The Applicant's name (Individual/ Pvt/ LLP/ Partnership) 
  • The Date from which you have been using the brand name
  • A short Description of what you do as a Company
  • Logo
  • Address for Registration & also specify if the address is Residence or Company
  • Communication Address (To dispatch TM-48 Hard document)
  • Applicant Email ID & Mobile No
  • MSME or SSI Registration Certificate

Duration for Trademark Registration: 

The trademark registration application process is done almost instantly. It can be done within a few hours of you giving us your Authorization Letter. The Government, after we make the application, takes 18 to 24 months, to confirm the registration and give you the confirmed Registration Certificate for your trademark. You can then use the ® symbol next to your name.


Copyright Registration confers upon its owner the sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so. The applies to literary (books, scripts, even software) and audio-visual (music, photographs, movies) works. Business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature, and user guides. Copyright is usually owned by the creator of the work, but may also be owned by the employer of its creator or the person who has commissioned the work (unless there is an agreement to the contrary in either case). Copyrights are also transferable.

Details Required For Copyright Registration

  • Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
  • Nature of the Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright
  • Class & Description of the Work
  • Title of the Work
  • Language of the Work
  • If Published, the Date of Publication

Duration for Copyright Registration: 

It will take 7-10 business days for application and 12-17 months for registration.

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Support for Company Incorporation

One Person Company

Services Include:
  • Directors Identification Number  
  • Digital Signature Certificate for 1 Director Guidance for choosing the Company Name PAN Number
  • TAN Number
  • Name Approval Certificate
  • GST Registration 
  • PF Registration
  • ESI Registration
  • PT Registration (Only applicable in Maharashtra)
  • DBS /YES Bank/Kotak  Zero Balance Current Account [Powered by Vakilsearch]

Limited Liability Partnership

Services Include:
  • Directors Identification Number 
  • Digital Signature Certificate 
  • Guidance for choosing the LLP Name
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Final Registration Process 
  • Zero Balance Current Account - Powered by DBS Bank

Private Limited Company

Services Include:
  • Directors Identification Number 
  • Digital Signature Certificate 
  • Guidance for choosing the Company Name  
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Application
  • Final Registration Process includes - Drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association, RoC filing fees for an authorized capital, Government Stamp Duty, and Certificate of Incorporation.

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