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  • There is no thumb rule. It depends on the various parameters such as the business model, the market, the investor who is buying stake, etc. Typically first-round investors aim for a significant majority that can go up to 33% ownership in the company. 
  • It is always better to keep your capitalization table clean with fewer investors especially individuals. Ideally, 50 lakhs should be raised maximum from 4-5 investors. VCs coming in further rounds like capitalization tables to be clean. Aim to go for fewer investors with larger cheques rather than a long list of inventors as a part of your company. 
  • Think big but start small. Proof of Concept is extremely important before raising a round of funding. There might be investors who can invest money in your venture in tranches - but raising a large amount such as INR 25 crores in one go at the product development stage looks difficult unless you have a record of giving profitable exit to investors in your previous venture.