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  • The probability is very low. While there are examples of founders raising money without proof of concept - consider them as outliers. Work towards customer validation. Most investors don't take founders with paper plans seriously. "Come back when you have traction" will be the common answer that you will hear from investors. 
  • VCs prefer asset-light businesses because they are more scalable. Besides this VCs invest money for customer acquisition, manpower, technology development, etc. - these are items on your Profit and Loss Statement. Assets such as land, factory, etc. are items on the Balance Sheet. Balance Sheet funding is typically done by banks. So as a general thumb rule - VCs fund P&Ls while Banks fund Balance Sheets. Try going to a bank and ask for money for Facebook advertising - you will not get it. Similarly, the chances of you getting money from a VC for a factory and land are low. 
  • If it was pre-2015 then possibly yes. Today, investors are focusing on immediate revenue and positive unit economics.