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  • In the case of a major non-compliance that might lead to a huge liability for the company or in case of fraud, the deal falls off-post DD. In case of minor red flags, corrective actions are suggested as a part of Conditions Precedent (CPs) or Conditions Subsequent (CSs) to the transaction. FundEnable suggests founders focus on compliance from day 1. The aim should be to become DD ready.
  • Typically, the company bears the cost of due-diligence. The cost depends on the investment round. Due-diligence for Seed / Angel round is not exhaustive and hence not expensive. A small legal firm or an accounting firm executes the DD exercise. In case of a larger round such as Series A / B etc., one of the Big 4 Accounting firm is preferred by the investor for doing the financial due-diligence and a top legal firm does the legal due-diligence. 
  • It depends on the preparedness of the company. For large transactions upwards of a million dollars, it takes 6-8 weeks to complete the DD exercise. For seed/angel transactions, the aim should be to finish the DD exercise within 3 weeks as the data points are far lesser as compared to a VC fund round.