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  • Typically valuation and estimated returns are not included in the pitchbook. The financial elements included in the pitchbook are - a snapshot of your P&L, funding requirement and the allocation of funds across business critical functions of your company. Your finance model that accompanies the pitchbook will allow your investor to get an understanding of the profitability and scalability of your company. 
  • This decision is your prerogative. Usually for bigger deal sizes, founders usually engage a consultant to work on the pitchbook since it might need constant revisions. If you decide to engage a consultant, make sure to do a check on the consultant's clientele and confirm credibility beforehand. 
  • It depends on how you are pitching. If you are in a face to face meeting with your prospective investor then your pitchbook can only have highlights of points you are discussing. However, normally one has to reach out to investors via mails. In this case, it is recommended that you send across a detailed pitchbook that effective creates the portrait of your business for the investor.